Blessed with a wide range of wildlife species, Uganda is among the best places on earth where a tourist can experience adventure at its best. This beautiful country is naturally endowed and gifted and it was on such influential people like sir Winston Churchill called it the pearl of Africa. Ranging from snow-capped mountains to escarpments, valleys and wild animals, safaris in this part of the world are very rewarding and unforgettable which is why a number of travelers from different parts of the world visit Uganda for Africa adventure safaris. After the safaris and tours, all the tourists do nothing but praise and share their exciting experience had while on the trip. Lets quickly discover the wildlife encounters in Uganda that offer lifetime experiences.

Sharing Uganda’s portion of the virunga conservation area, Mgahinga gorilla national park is Uganda’s smallest national park (33.7 square kilometers) situated in southwestern Uganda. The park is one of the famous tourism sites in Uganda sheltering the world’s endangered mountain gorillas together with Bwindi impenetrable forest national park (Uganda), volcanoes national park (Rwanda and virunga’s national park (Democratic Republic of Congo). Just as its name, Mgahinga gorilla national park was acknowledged a national park in 1991 purposely to protect the endangered gorillas.




Come let's run for Wildlife Conservation




Come let's run for Wildlife Conservation




The Ministry Permanent Secretary Amb. Patrick Mugoya received a delegation from the Service Office for Foreign Establishments in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China.


The delegation, which was led by the Deputy Director General of the Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office Mr. Yu Weihua, visited the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities on 14th June 2016 to discuss opportunities for cooperation between Guangzhou and Uganda. Guangzhou Province is one of the major hubs for tourism, trade and investment opportunities with Africa.


Amb. Mugoya highlighted the good relationship between Uganda and China, and welcomed further engagement regarding tourism.

“Uganda can benefit from China’s rich history and culture through cultural exchange programmes and opportunities,” he said.

Mr. Weihua expressed gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the Ugandan authorities on tourism.  He stated that it was the first time for the delegation to visit Uganda, and they were all impressed with the beauty of Uganda and the hospitality of the people.


“We were invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to engage Ugandan authorities on construction of infrastructure, economics, trade, tourism and cultural heritage,” explained Mr. Weihua, adding that a deep mutual trust already exists between the high-level officials of Uganda and China.

Mr. Weihua also formally extended an invitation to the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Permanent Secretary and senior officials to the Investing in Africa Forum scheduled for September 2016 in Guangzhou.


The China delegation has been in Uganda since 13th June 2016, and has held discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, and the Uganda Investment Authority. The officials have also visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC).  




The three international marketing firms contracted by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) to represent Uganda in key source tourist markets, have finalised their initial reports and work plans for the year.


The three firms, PHG for North America, Kamageo for UK and Ireland, and KPRN for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, received their marketing contracts on 16th May 2016. President Yoweri Museveni handed over the contracts to Tim Henshall, the Managing Director of Kamageo and Hanna Kleber the CEO of KPRN at State House, Entebbe.


These firms were chosen after an international competitive bidding process managed and funded by the World Bank through the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP), coordinated by the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU).


President Museveni welcomed the strategy to promote Uganda through market representation in the major source markets.

“Uganda is easy to market. We are an all year round destination with great weather, variety of tourism attractions including mountains with snow all through the year,” he said. The President also urged MTWA to move quickly to upgrade the Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) in Jinja to be better placed to provide quality and skilled labour for the sector.


The overall objective of the assignment is to leverage Uganda as a prime tourism travel destination and to increase tourism arrivals, overall spend and length of stay in the country. Beyond the promotion and growth of tourism numbers, the CEDP also seeks to build local tourism sector capacity to make the individual companies better players on the international market. Kamageo, KPRN and PHG will also provide training to the Uganda tourism businesses. 





22, September 2015





Responsible Agency

21st September

UWA Buses depart for Murchision Falls



School Outreach program



RadioTalk Show





22nd September

Radio Talk Shows



School Outreach Program





23rd September

Cluster Meeting



UWA Buses depart for Murchison falls



Radio Talk Shows



School Outreach Program





24th September

School Outreach Program



Cluster Meeting



Visiting of Tourism Sites





25th September

Exhibition Opens




UWEC Animal Exhibition



Tree Planting



Cultural Performances at Exhibition Grounds




School Painting By AUTO





26th September

Zebra Cross Painting






School Outreach Program



Soccer match, Auto Vs cluster



Performance by popular Musician



Cocktail for AUTO



After Party for Auto





27th September




Tour of Exhibition



Cultural Performances



School Drama/performances



Award to best school



Launching of Tourism portal and Catalogue






Launching of AUTO at 20



Address by Chief Guest and Luncheon










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An international online survey conducted by The Guardian, one of UK’s leading newspapers, has established that Uganda is a better holiday destination than Spain.


The poll was conducted last week by the online version of the paper, the second most popular UK newspaper website, with a daily average of 2,937,070 browsers.


Answering the poll question “where would you prefer to go on holiday?”, 79% of the respondents said they would rather visit Uganda than head to Spain. The 79% alluded to Uganda’s beauty, wildlife, scenery, culture, the hospitable people and the landscape from the snowcapped Mountain Rwenzori to the open savannah, as the lure to the diverse country sitting astride the Equator.


The Guardian conducted the poll after President Yoweri Museveni last week said Uganda is a better tourist destination than Spain.

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