Pearl of Africa Logo Competition

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Endowed with a variety of natural and cultural attractions, Uganda is no doubt one of the best tourism destinations in the world. However, Uganda has an uncoordinated and fragmented brand identity. Some refer to it as “Africa’s friendliest Country” others “Gifted by Nature” while others prefer the legendary “The Pearl of Africa” slogan which is the most recognizable of all slogans. 


Whereas Uganda cannot lay exclusive claims to being “Gifted by Nature” or “Africa’s friendliest Country” because several countries around the world are friendly and gifted by nature, it can confidently be asserted, that Uganda is the only country for which the term “The  Pearl of Africa” has been historically used.  This, and the fact that it  is more embracing, evoking sentiments of mystery and discovery makes “ The Pearl of Africa” a more ideal brand concept for Uganda.


To further develop Uganda’s brand as “The Pearl of Africa”, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in conjunction with key partners in the public and private sector has embarked upon a process of identifying a suitable logo to represent the “Pearl of Africa” brand.  A public competition has therefore been organized to give an opportunity to artists of all ages, professional and non-professional to express their creativity and understanding of the “Pearl of Africa”.  This will create a wide variety of logos and ideas from which a multi-disciplinary technical committee will select the best logo to represent the “Pearl of Africa” brand.

The logo should ideally represent Uganda’s unique combination of natural and human endowments, Uganda’s warmth and hospitality, Uganda’s entrepreneurship and workforce versatility, Uganda’s geo tourism destination potential, Uganda’s investment opportunities and Uganda’s commitment to sustainable development.

Entrants could visit the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority websites to learn more about Uganda’s tourism resources and potential at:,,



Brief Guiding Principles of Logo design

Destination logos usually contain imagery that reflects core themes which are representative of a destination such as sun, sea, beaches, flowers and landscapes. These images are appealing because they evoke the idea of beautiful places for relaxing, un-spoilt landscapes and good weather. They need to give the visitor a unique sense of 'place' or an idea of what sort of experience they may have at the destination. The “Pearl of Africa” logo needs to reflect the essence of Uganda as a country and as a destination - its competitive identity, or 'personality' - the things the things that make Uganda unique.


The logo should capture the emotive concepts behind the Ugandan visitor experience. It should convey the special character of Uganda, which visitors have described using words and phrases such as cultural diversity, variety of activities and attractions including; beautiful beaches and landscapes, clean fresh air, relaxed and friendly people, beautiful national parks, diversity of bird life, unique heritage, arts and craft, pottery and delicious local food.


Current trends in destination branding show that internationally, many leading destinations are taking a fresh approach to designing destination logos; playing with appealing words and typography (font, lettering, calligraphy), moving away from traditional shapes (squares, circles, hearts, diamonds etc) with standard images (sun, sea, etc) to more abstract concepts. Modern 'shapes' symbolize the innovation of the brand and it is this, combined with the emotive concepts reflected in the logo that are important.


A good logo is one that is   versatile and can be used across various media (print, internet, merchandising & others and in many sizes from full scale banners perhaps 2 sq. meters or larger down to very small thumb-nails of 10 sq mm or smaller. Consideration should also be given to the tagline, or strap-line “The Pearl of Africa” as a key component of the final logo.

Other things to consider:

  1. The logo should be applicable in both color and no color.
  2. The Script/Font choice should be creative and the word Uganda given equal weighting (size, height, font style etc)
  3. The design should be original, innovative, exciting, and fresh.
  4. The logo should be clearly identifiable - unlike any others.



Criteria for entry:

  1. Participation is open to people of all ages and firms from all countries across the world. Everyone is eligible to participate in designing the Pearl of Africa Logo.
  2. Entry is free of charge.
  3. Only one (1) entry will be accepted from each individual entrant or firm


The submission must be formatted as follows;


(a)  Cover Page

The cover page of the submission must be included and must be clearly marked with the name, physical addresstelephone number(s)and email contacts of the entrant. Nationality and Age must NOT be indicated ANYWHERE on the submission.


(b) Format

All designs should be on one A4 page art paper and should be submitted either in hard copy or electronically scanned.

Electronic submissions should be either in jpeg (Maximum 500dpi) or pdf scans of high quality resolution (100pixels or more).

Hard Copy submissions should be on quality paper of at least 250gms

All entries must include a brief comment (PDF for electronic submissions, clearly hand written or type set for hard copy submissions) describing the design features of the logo



Submission addresses:

Hard copy submissions clearly marked “The Pearl of Africa Logo Design Competition Entry” should be delivered to;

The Ministry Of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities,

P.O Box 4241 Kampala

2nd Floor Rwenzori Towers,

Plot 6 Nakasero Road


Uganda Tourism Board Offices at the National Theatre


Electronic submissions should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



  1. Entries will be received from 20th January 2014 to 21st February 2014 from 8:00am to 5:00pm for hard copy submissions and 8:00am to 12:00am (midnight) of 21st February for electronic submissions, Ugandan or East African Standard Time.  No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.
  2. The judges will only consider submissions officially received and acknowledged. The committee will not be liable for lost mail or bounced electronic submissions.
  3. All Logos submitted should be ORIGINAL and MUST NOT have been submitted for any other competition or to any other organisation.
  4. Members of staff and family members of Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, affiliated institutions, members of the panel of judges and the organizing committee are INELIGIBLE to compete.
  5. Solicitation of any kind of the panel of judges or other individuals involved in the competition will lead to automatic disqualification.



Judging Criteria

Judging will be carried out according to the following criteria:


  1. Visual appeal depicting the natural and cultural tourism attractions of Uganda
  2. The written description of the logo features and what they mean
  3. Originality of the design
  4. The extent to which the logo reflects Uganda’s unique natural, social and cultural characteristics
  5. Adaptability of the logo to be  resized and reproduced in all media including embroidery
  6. Ability to be transformed into black and white without undermining the original concept
  7. The decision of the judging panel is final and there will be no appeal



An award of Ten Million Uganda Shillings (10,000,000 Ugx)will be handed to the winning entry. The award will be given to the individual participant and  in case of team entry, the prize money will be given to the Team Leader. The organizing committee and the judges will NOT be responsible for distribution of the prize money among the team members.



Intellectual Property Rights

Once the award is given to the winner the copyright and the ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights for the winning logo shall be deemed to have beentransferred to the Government of The Republic Uganda.However, credit shall be given to the author wherever applicable.

The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities will retain the right to use other logo designs submitted for this competition for promotional purposes only.



All information submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and affiliated organizations during this competition will be treated with utmost confidentiality



Under no circumstances will judges be held personally responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of an entrant’s submission.

The judges verdict shall be final and conclusive.


Agreement to Official Rules


By participating in the contest, participants agree to abide by the rules and conditions as established above, which can be amended or modified at any time on notice.


The Minister

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Maria Emily Lubega Mutagamba is  the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in the Ugandan cabinet. She was appointed to that position in the cabinet reshuffle of 15 August 2012. Previously, from 2006 to 2012, she held the portfolio of water and environment. She is also the elected Member of Parliament (MP), for Rakai District.


She was born in rakai district on september 5, 1952


Maria Mutagamba holds a Bachelors of Arts (ba) degree in economics, from Makerere university, obtained in 1976. she also holds a diploma in computer programming, from the ICL  computer school, in Nairobi, Kenya, obtained in 1980 and a certificate in executive leadership, from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in CambridgeMassachusetts, USA, obtained in 1997.


She served as a banking officer, with the Bank of Uganda, between 1976 and 1980. she served as a Director of the Bank of Uganda, from 1991 until 1999. she was a constituent assembly delegate between 1994 and 1995. Between 1999 and 2000, she served as the deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party. In 2000, she was appointed minister of state for water resources, a position she held until 2006 when she was appointed Minister of water and environment, a position she held till 2012.

other responsibilities that Maria Mutagamba has include:

1.   President, African ministers' council on water (AMCOW), (2004–2012)

2.   Coordinator, global women leaders forum for water and sanitation (2005–present)

3.   Member, nile river council of ministers (2001–present)

4.   Vice chairperson, united nations task force on integrated water resource management





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     Name:                James Lutalo

  Present Post :       Director TWA


Sector review conference

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Below are some of the presentations for the tourism review conference, held at hotel Africana on the 27th of September 2012




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