Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI)

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The Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (UHTTI) - Jinja


About us  


The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) started in mid of 1980’s after a feasibility study under the project UNDP/ILO/UG/30


The institute was established at Fairway Hotel in Kampala in 1989 as a pilot school under the ILO/UNDP. When Fairway Hotel was repossessed by its original owners in 1991, ILO/UNDP pulled out of the project, leaving it entirely to the Government of Uganda.


Government enacted Statute No.14 0f September 1994 that established the present Hotel and Tourism Training Institute and transferred the former Crested Crane Hotel and all its assets to the new Institute. The Statute commenced in 1994, and the institute resumed training in mid 1996 at Crested Crane Hotel in Jinja, 80kms East of Kampala, with a new management under Ministry of Wild Life and Antiquities, later Ministry of, Tourism, Trade and industry.


The statute however, was repealed by section 130, sub– section 1 and 2 of the Universities and other Tertiary  Institution Act, April 2001 that commenced on the 6th April 2001.The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute,  fully  Owned by the Uganda Government,  was in 1998 transferred to the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) as its line Ministry.


 In November 2007, following Cabinet directive, HTTI was again transferred back to the Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industries as its parent Ministry. It is now under the new Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Heritage



The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) is mandated to:-

  1. Organize and conduct courses in Tourism, Hotel management and catering and to make provision for advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge.
  2. Conduct examination and grant certificates, Diplomas and other higher awards of the Institute.
  3. Consult and cooperate with anybody or organization in or outside Uganda having similar functions.




The leading hands on trainer in Uganda of highly skilled workforce for the Hospitality industry.




To produce highly skilled and competent workforce for the national and International hospitality industry.





Course                                                                                           Duration                     Intake

i. Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)                             3 years.                      September

ii. Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM)                       2 years.                            “

iii. Diploma in Pastry and Bakery (DPB)                              2 years.                            “



To equip the students through specialized training, with requisite knowledge and skills in Hotel Management, Tourism Management, and pastry and Bakery for the hospitality industry.


minimum requirements

The minimum entry requirements for admission to ordinary diploma programs are:

  1. a)Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes.


  1. b)Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (UACE) with 1 Principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.



  1. c)A certificate from a recognized Institute in related course together with a UCE certificate.







i. Front office Supervision (FOS)

ii. Food production Supervision (FPS)

iii. Housekeeping (HKS)

iv. Food and Beverages Service Supervision (FBSS)



To equip employees in the Industry with supervisory skills in the relevant area of specialization.


minimum requirements

Basic certificate in hotel operations/catering from a recognized related institution. Written recommendation from the current employer if already employed in the industry.






i. Hotel operations (BCHO) – Day and Evening

ii. Tour guiding and Driving (TGD) - Day & Evening



To impart the trainees with the necessary basic knowledge and skills in Hotel and Tourism operations as well as shaping their attitudes as required by the hospitality and tourism Industry.


Minimum Requirements

The minimum entry requirement for admission to an ordinary certificate program is a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 3 passes obtained at the same sitting.






Target group: Industry staffs that have not had formal training in the hospitality Operations but must have “O” level certificate.



  1. Rooms Division (INS-RD)
  2. Food and beverage service (INS F&BS)
  3. Food Production (INS-FP)



To equip the untrained employees with the lacking theory knowledge and fine-tune their skills acquired on the job training.


Minimum requirements:


At least “O” level certificate

To be already employed in the industry




Duration:- 1 week – 3 months

i. Food production

ii. Front office

iii. Food and beverage service

iv. Driving skills

v. Management and leadership skills

vi. Culinary art and food safety

vii. Entrepreneurship skills

viii. Pastry and Bakery




 These are tailored according to the need of the student





Admissions to HTTI for all applicants follow stipulated procedures set by National Council for Higher Education.




Private sponsorship


Eligible candidates fill in the application form at the institute after meeting all the academic requirements.

Government Sponsorship



The Institute organizes annual graduations. Our sixth graduation was held in April 2011 where over 500 graduands received Diplomas and Certificates in different displines of Hotel and Tourism




The Crested Crane Hotel is the application Hotel of The Hotel and Tourism Institute. It has long and outstanding history of hosting very important persons (VIPs) with classic services.

It is set in a tranquil environment away from humdrum of the city ideal for retreats, weekend get a ways for families and couples.



1. 35 self contained guest rooms

2. Conference facilities (ranging from 30 to 200 sitting capacity).

3. Spacious Gardens for functions like:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Music concerts
  • Other parties

4. Spacious Restaurant offering a variety of menus

5. Ample parking space.

6. Also offers special packages for honey mooners.

7. Internet connection for business guests

8. Crested safaris tours and travel offering:

  • Wild life safaris
  • Eco-tourism sites safaris
  • Hiking safaris to Mt. Elgon and Mt.Rwenzori  national park
  • Gorilla tours, gorilla tracking in Bwindi  etc


For more information contact:


Institute                                                                                Hotel

The Academic Registrar                                                 The Hotel Manager

P.O. Box 444, Jinja-Uganda                                         P.O. Box 444, Jinja-Uganda

Tel: 0434121954                                                              Tel: 0434121954

Mob: 0772660789 or 0772649898                                 Mob: 0752638361 or 0775420761

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                     Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Our Mandate

To formulate and implement policies, strategies, plans and programs that promote tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage conservation for socio-economic development and transformation of the country.

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Our Vision

Sustainable tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage contributing to the transformation of the Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous one.

Our Mission

To develop and promote tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage resources for enhancement of Uganda as a Preferred tourist destination, with accelerated sector contribution to the national economy.

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Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities

P. O. Box 4241 Kampala

Rwenzori Towers 2nd Floor

Plot 6 Nakasero Road.

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